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The Hippie Flares will take you back to the sixties with the great music of the time from England, America and Australia.

Featuring the great vocals of Dawn and the groovy sound of a tight rhythm section comprised of electric guitar, bass and kit drums - this band will transport back to the days of the hippie groove.

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The music of Heywood & Moore combines the storytelling of traditional country music with the power of roots rock music. The Anglo/Australian duo work with some of the top players on the British and Australian music scene who regularly perform at festivals all over the UK, Australia, and indeed the world.

Also ideal for a night's worth of upbeat Australian Bush Dance, English and Scottish Ceilidh, Irish Ceili and American Barn Dance for Parties.

Contact Us:

Call Brian: 0434 279 707 or Dawn: 0402 311 860


Or by Post: PO BOX 270 - Lake Cathie - NSW - 2445

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